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Our story begins with our founder Alexandria Tomayko and her 15 years in the event planning industry who got to know firsthand how difficult it is to search for new venues each time a client requests something different.  At times, she had to turn down the international job opportunities, because she wasn’t familiar with the location, culture or logistics to plan an event there.

Determined not to miss out on any more international opportunities, she decided to use her first holiday visit to Bali for a partial professional research. She compiled a list of venues that would be perfect for her clients as well as valuable information to actually be able to recommend them as a suitable option. 

When more venues started to agree and the list built, she rapidly moved from “let's build a blog” to "let's create an app".  Seeing it as a tool that would save her weeks of time, it was worth investing her efforts in reaching out to over 1900 hotels at once and talking with them about their venues. After a year of work, she decided to share it with the world and build it into something other planners could use to save the time, energy, and stress that this process can produce.

Meet The Team


Alexandria Tomayko

‍Nature advocate, nomadic traveler and event planner.

Her life work was devoted to creating memorable experiences for others as an Experience Coordinator.
In her 10 years of experience in Experience Coordination, she has discovered that the key to a successful event lies in people’s need for human connection.
However, like any other adventurous nomadic soul, this wasn’t where she wanted to stop.
While collaborating with clients both locally and internationally, she discovered a disconnect between event planners and venue providers. This is what gave her the idea to launch the Little Black Book Series, to  bridge that gap, and create something unique in the Event Planning & Hospitality market.

Salvador Rojas Lequerica

Hotel Partnership Coordinator
Geologist specializing in the exploration of natural resources.

As a leader in the green energy transition, he devoted his life to finding sustainable solutions for protecting the planet, by trying to create an economically efficient & effective model to motivate and sustain us all.
He is a world traveler, persistent diver, with a soft spot for scenery, oceans, and different cultures. He is forever searching for methods to make people more aware of the beauties that surround them and the importance of sustainability. 

Sebastian Ashar

Board Advisor

He’s an entrepreneur with extensive experience in both Swedish technology startups and the hotel industry. He started companies in e-commerce & Fintech where he had different functions (CMO, Board Member & CEO).
Before stepping on the tech scene, he was responsible for his family’s hospitality business.
Today, he is a proud owner of a restaurant and a SPA chain, and in process of building a boutique hotel. He is still involved in the tech niche as a consultant collaborating with tech companies worldwide.