Looking into the Industry
Free Webinar Series

As we navigate our current event landscape we realize that we need to come together and provide support for each in these uncertain times.
Our webinar titled Looking Into the Industry: Bridging the Gap for Destination Event Planners will focus on the relevant touch points and discussions we are facing as we navigate our not-so-new normal.​

About Webinar Series

Free Webinar series for Destination Event Planners as our industry starts to reemerge.
We are gathering experts from different sides of the field in order to get a succinct & action based update on our industry.
Covering 7 different topics that interest us all, tune in each Tuesday & Thursday to hear from our speakers.

Webinar Topics Aug 03rd - Sep 16th

Virtual Events
What you need to know. How to Market & add them to your portfolio.

Pandemic Strategies
Planning & Managing an Event Post Pandemic.

Industry Insight
Contracts, Cancelations & Coping. What Hotels are saying & expecting from us planners.

Travel Talk
Current State of the Travel & Transport Industry.

Sustainable Strategic Solutions
Sustainable solutions while meeting post pandemic requirements.

Social Sustainability
Social Impact we have available to help others & our industry to recover.

Event Psychology
Planning for Post Pandemic Panic.

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