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Larry Weil - Event Sponsorships

And we’re back with yet another burning topic from our four-part webinar series, EVENT SPONSORSHIPS.

The Speaker of the week was Larry Weil 📈 AKA The sponsorship Guy. President and founder of The Sponsorship Guy™. We saved the juicier topics for last as Larry spoke about how to look for sponsors for your next event, how to reach out to companies who can help you promote your event, and much more!

Our attendees got a chance to get some quality tips on Events and landing sponsors.

Read the high-level snippets below.

Sponsorship is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and advertising. With an event sponsorship, you’ll put your company’s name or logo right before an audience who may or may not have been familiar with you before. It’s important to remember that sponsorship is never just an event name sponsor.

Events are composed of various stakeholders including sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, attendees, volunteers, and organizers – who may or may not interact with each other at any given time during the event experience.

A successful sponsorship program will take into account all aspects of an event as well as its target audience - thereby maximizing engagement opportunities as well as ROI (return on investment).

Well, you might have wondered how to get sponsors and have them engaged with you. Here are some tips that Larry shared with us:

  1. Keep your proposal short & to the point.
  2. Don’t include pricing in your proposal
  3. Try using the appendix for big types of data transfers.
  4. Use visually appealing content.

Great events require sponsors to make them happen. But it’s hard to reach out to potential sponsors and persuade them to sponsor events because they’re generally either too busy or too difficult to find. Sponsors are often very selective with their partners, looking for events that align with their values and goals.

But what if you could find these potential sponsors through digital channels instead?

Purchase a Webinar ticket and watch the full event in order to get more tips and tricks from Larry Weil.

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