Why become a LBB Hotel Partner?

Well for starters for this year it is free!
Create a beautiful profile with just a couple of clicks to display the information relevant to your Target.
Book Groups with more ease without having to pay additional commissions to third parties.

Who are we?

We are a marketplace that has a mission to highlight Sustainable venues so Group Event planners can find you with more ease.
Do not worry we do not handle bookings or contractual negotiations. Hotels are motivated to provide an incentive to the group planner and their guests that helps them stand out other than that no additional cost for you.

So how do we make money?

We have flipped the script and charge event planners a membership to be part of our community, access our platform as well as our other value adds.
Hotels do not pay commissions on bookings like most sites.

Who do we accept?

We give priority to sustainable venues that are making changes and movement towards a more sustainable venue and policies where possible.
We accept all size venues and love the mom and pop boutique hotels.

Our requirements to sign up are:
- Minimum 5 rooms onsite
- Full Restaurant onsite (we accept full commercial kitchen with chef services) 
- Minimum 1 Meeting Room/ Yoga Shala/ Meeting Space for groups to gather.

How to sign up?

We are updating our software and giving it an overhaul but we are still onboarding hotels.
Currently the Editions (this is what we call a region or country) that are active are Costa Rica & Bali but we are taking sign up for other locations as well.

To get on the waiting list you can email us here.