Building A Lasting Brand

Jenn Tucker - Building a lasting brand.

As we kick start the first of our four-part webinar series, we got to learn all about - Building a lasting brand.  

Last week’s speaker was the amazing Jenn Tucker from Jenn Tucker creatives. She spoke all about what a brand is, why it matters and how we as event planners can create relationships while building a lasting brand. 

Here are some of the high-level snippets of what she was able to share with our guests.

 "Brands may not be built overnight but they certainly can be created with a well-thought-out, comprehensive plan. Branding is about transforming strangers into friends, strangers into customers, and customers into advocates.”

A brand that stands the test of time is a worthy investment and your company’s most valuable resource.

The benefits you will be able to see from good branding are:

  •  Building longevity 
  •  Creating trust 
  • Inspiring people
  •  Gaining recognition
  • Having clarity and focus
  • Adding value
  • Being able to show your roots and visions

Having the tools and compass you need

In other words, NO a brand is not a Logo and surprisingly this is one of the last steps when branding, not the first (we have been guilty of doing that too).

A brand goes beyond just your logo, or your mark, visuals, stories, and tones that we recognize at a glance without knowing why they exist. Despite the fact that today's consumers are more informed than ever, brands need to communicate who they are, what they offer, and why their products/services are unique to fulfill the customers' needs and wants and stand out from the competition while building trust along the way which is what matters the most. 

The anatomy of a brand consists of multiple elements to make a working base, Jenn equates a good brand to the roots of a tree on which the business is then built on top of, offering the company stability to grow.

Overall, A successful brand offers cogent communication values which distill and amplify your vision into easily expressed points of uniqueness. With this clarity, your company can focus and have a vision for adaptation in an ever-changing environment. A well-managed brand can give any company that crucial edge-in trust, differentiation, and market success.

 Tips to remember when building a brand you want to last, or even rebranding, be:              

  •  Consistent
  • Different Loyal
  • Committed
  • Authentic
  • Bold
  • Strategic

Remember a brand is a place where your clients learn more about you, your story your core values and it gives those who you work with a better understanding of your WHY!

Make sure to pop over and meet Jenn Tucker in the AMA she and Alexandria Tomayko did on our page as they dipped into a bit of what is branding and Jenn's background.

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